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Good Vibes HERE

Just saw a lady crying while inserting 100 dollar bills into an ATM and finally realized that money can’t buy happiness.

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Anonymous: How many guys have you kissed?

3 lol


by Reyney
Anonymous: Fave music genre


Anonymous: Im gonna ask you random questions!

Ok go for it!

Anonymous: Are you ever gonna put up a picture of yourself post rhinoplasty?

If ya guys have my instagram theres some on there its still swollen and u cant see the finished product till 6-18 months thats around how long it takes for swelling to completely go down


Everything’s changing. People are leaving, bonds are breaking. Everything is moving so fast and I can’t keep up. Sometimes i run so fast I trip on my own two feet, then i’m stuck tied up in my laces. Stuck, while everyone and everything else is moving so fast.

Deadass thought i saww someone from tumblr on the bus as Disneg florida