Hunter’s new weave!!
Anonymous: I think it's great that you are changing your nose simply for yourself. I think that says a great deal about your character. You have to be comfortable with yourself and if it makes you feel good then more power to ya!

Thanks so much, love you!

Anonymous: I actually like your nose a lot. Think of it this way, your nose gives you character. Someday there's going to be someone(your soulmate) and maybe they totally dig noses like yours, but you got a nose job:( that would make your soulmate very sad, and why would you want to do that? I love your nose. I think it's beautiful, and it makes you different from everyone else, but in the good way:)

(I didnt get my nose done yet!)
You sound like my mom with the character thing aha
But im having this surgery for me! Not in attempt to find love! My real soulmate will love me for the inside! Regardless of if my nose is big or small. But im having it done for me, myself, and i, so I can feel better about MYSELF! :)
thanks for being kind about your concern! Lots of things make me different from the crowd! Not so much in looks, but personality!

Anonymous: just for the record i think your absolutely beautiful the way you are. im not saying you shouldn't get a nose job or anything if you truly want to it is your decision and its your body and you have a right to do so. im just saying you're stunningly beautiful now and you're very very attractive and can i kiss you? Dx but seriously, youre beautiful. i wouldn't change a thing about you :3

Thanks for the compliment, & support!

Anonymous: But still...

Want to know another message i try to show? Not caring what anyone thinks. Doing things for yourself regardless of the opinions of others. Not letting the opinions of others change your mind (and heart!) Another message, dont judge others based on their decisions! So before your criticize me on my “messages”you should understand them first!!!!

Anonymous: I love how you answer rude anons. Your response is stern and straightfoward but not terribly mean. They should not judge you. Its yout choice your nose is a bit on the chunky side, but you are still pretty and youll be even prettier after the surgery! You have such nice inner beauty and there is nothing wrong with enhancing the outter beauty you already have

I LOVE YOU. Thank you so much *hugs* !

Anonymous: How can you run a blog Encouraging people to love themselves and telling everyone their beautiful, and then get a nose job?

I encourage that you should accept yourself, but if there is something available to you that will make YOU happier and more confident, you should go for it. Im not saying that getting cosmetic surgery should be your number one priority, you should be able to accept yourself either way. But i personally feel this surgery will help ME fully love myself. FULLY. Love and accept are two different things. My motto, if you feel cosmetic surgery can make you feel more confident, go for it! My message to you, dont go judging me based on this decission! Im not a blog, im a human too!